Boogaloo Stu - The Glambassador

Release notes:
lucky pierre
Release date: 2004-09-00

Track List


LP of kitsch-pop by legendary Brighton-based nightclub impresario, Boogaloo Stu, released by Lucky Pierre recordings.

Simon "plays guitar, great chunks of it and even does some vocals on at least one track". (Thanks to Peter Robins for info.)

Track list:
1. j'adore le glambassador (intro)
2. rocksteady
3. fly around the moon
4. dynamite!
5. hit 'em with it high
6. the next big nothing
7. under your spell
8. blue
9. stars are falling
10. keep on burning
11. brilliant discovery
12. macarthurs song
13. happy ending

Three CD singles have been released from the LP to date:

boogaloo stu - rocksteady
cat no. pier010(?) / limited numbered edition of 500

boogaloo stu - hit 'em with it high
cat no. pier011

boogaloo stu - dynamite!
cat no. pier013 (digipack)