Charlie Alex March When The Clouds Clear

Release notes:
Lo Alternative Frequencies
Release date: 2006-11-20

Track List


EP released in the UK on LoAF (a subsidiary of Lo Recordings) by British producer-composer, Charlie Alex March.

Available as a Limited Edition 3 CD on 12" cardboard sleeve with artprint by Yokoland (+ free digital download in format of your choice) or separately as a digital download.

Andy plays drums and Joe Walters plays brass on track 1.

Track list:
1. Goodbye Penny
2 Francisca's Theme
3 London
4 Animals
5 Piano Song (Metronomy Remix)

The EP's title on the cover and spine of the CD edition appear as "After The Clouds Clear".
In the CD edition, track 5 is wrongly listed as "Francisca's Theme (Metronomy Remix)".