Benjamin Schoos Je Ne Vois Que Vous

Release notes:
Cassingle and Loving It records
Release date: 2011-11-29

Track List


Limited edition cassette single. Edition of 100 in a solid red shell. High quality Chrome tape. The lead track features Laetitia on vocals.

Track list
1. Je Ne Vois Que Vous (ft. Laetitia Sadier)
2. Worlds Away (ft. Mark Gardener)

Also included in the package were full length digital downloads of the above tracks, additional artwork, album sampler tracks and a live bonus track featuring Laetitia Sadier + The Love Drones performing a cover of the Brigitte Bardot classic, "Contact", in Brussels.

"Je Ne Vois Que Vous" can also be found on Benjamin Schoos' solo album, 'China Man vs China Girl' (Freaksville Records, FRVR34, CD, 2012)